TOBE 3/4 Long John underställsbyxor i Merinoull, dam

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  • 80 % Merino wool - For excellent moisture and odour control
  • 20 % Polyamide - For extreme durability

Sizing: XXS-XXL


  • Odour free
  • Perfect for high-level activiy
  • Great moisture vapour regulation
  • Flat-knitted
  • Optimized design with few seams
  • Can be used all year around
  • Smooth elastic waistband
  • Optimal usage with high socks

Did you know?

When originally designed for the Swedish and Norweigen armies, a requirement was a tough wear that can withstand ruff treatment and to be washable at high temperatures (60°C, 140°F)

One seamstress sews the entire garment from start to finish. The seamstress signs off on the garment by sewing a nametag into it.

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Artikelnummer 632-4331
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Varumärken TOBE
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